Capsule filling ("00 size" and "1 size").
Tablet Press (7 mm, 10 mm round die, “00 size” capsule size caplet mold).
Pvc-Alu Blister packaging (150 micron PVC and 15 micron alu blister molds can be made in various forms according to the request of our customers)
With sachet packaging, your products in powder, granule, tablet, capsule and gel form can be covered with sachet packaging)
Food production for all kinds of sports and special nutrition purposes.

Liquid Filling Liquid filling between 10 cc and 500 cc.
Preparation of formulas according to the active ingredients requested by the customers, conducting R&D studies, making laboratory productions. Product development and formulation support.
Preparation of product files, T.C. Obtaining product approvals from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
Carrying out all the work for customers who will produce supplements, such as formulation, approval file, box and label design, production of the product.

We assist our customers, who have contract manufacturing, in herbal product development, herbal formulation and herbal product preparation.

Our company also provides services in subjects such as contract capsule filling, contract manufacturing consultancy, herbal product production permit.

Our company produces contractual herbal products, herbal capsule filling, herbal drops, solutions and syrups.

Our company assists its customers in all kinds of supplementary food production consultancy, licensing and contract manufacturing.

With our expert medical doctors, pharmacists and chemical engineers, our company will solve all the problems that you faced with your products.

We carry out research and development activities such as correcting the ideas or formulas of our customers and transforming them into products, determining the appropriate taste and odor, and making de-moisture production.

Our company provides services in the production of supplementary foods in capsule form, filling and packaging of 100% halal certified hard gelatine capsules and herbal capsules (Hydroxy propyl methiyl cellulouse) 00-0-1.

In our new facility, which we opened in July 2020, products such as capsules, tablets, chassis, drops, solutions, syrups are contract produced with the latest technology filling and packaging machines.

In addition to the new factory building and technical machinery, our company solves all the problems of its customers in the production of food supplements with its expert staff and delivers its products on the planned date.